Monday, September 14, 2015

3D Jelly Cake : Small Gift Big Surprise

Do you love to create tasty homemade goods to eat but also love art as well? If so, this is for you!

 “Introducing 3D Jelly Cake Tools That’ll Help You Create Amazingly Beautiful and Delicious 3D Jelly Cakes That Friends and Family Will Love!”

What Exactly is a 3D Jelly Cake?

  A 3D Jelly Cake is a delicious and very beautiful dessert cake that is different than your traditional baked cake. It’s an ornate jelly cake that is created by mixing together Konnyaku Jelly Powder with natural ingredients such as fruit juice, milk, and fresh fruit. Once it is mixed together and created, it is then put inside a refrigerator to cool for a week.

 Konnyaku Jelly Powder contains no sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no preservatives and it allows you to add a wide variety of fruit flavors to give your cake taste as well as bold color. Since you are in control of the sweeteners you add, you’ll be in full control of how many calories you add to the 3D Jelly Cake itself.

“A 3D Jelly Cake is a true piece of culinary art. With its rich colors , floral designs and 3D imaging, it’s unlike any dessert in the entire world!”

 These types of cakes are perfect for one’s morale and personal health, tastes simply amazing, and can be combined with other types of desserts as well. And now’s YOUR opportunity to learn how to make PERFECT 3D Jelly Cakes, with the right tools!

- Introducing special tools -

Now you can create stunning and beautiful jelly cakes with ease with our tools. These tools will allow you to put your artistic and creative stamp on every jelly cake you create!

 Our special tools have 9 sets, and every set has 10 needles of various sizes, shapes and designs so you can create your own unique designs FASTER and EASIER than ever before. These needles will need to be fitted with a syringe that is sized 20 ml.


“Each needle is created out of 100% stainless steel, is very stable and secure, and is carefully crafted for personal safety as well as safe for food grade utilization. They won’t bend, break apart or rust and unlike the competition, we only use smooth and seamless welding. You can expect slight changes in color due to exposure to water, but this is completely normal.”

Why use our tools?

 Here’s just a few benefits of using our amazing tools the next time you create a jelly cake of your own…

  •  Create masterful and beautiful flower designs with ease!

  • Design a wide variety of flowers, or even create your own!

  • Enjoy less frustration or headaches by creating cakes without tools!

  • Enjoy super easy clean up after using these handy tools!

  • Store these tools away in a dry place for years of use!

 “Are you ready to enjoy making amazingly beautiful 3D cakes the simple and easy way?”

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