Thursday, April 2, 2015

3D Jelly Cake: Perfect for ANY Occasion

Wow! These 3D Jelly Cakes look amazing. Just look at the exquisite detail and the spectacular colors. It's hard to believe these cakes are real food, but they are. In fact, these awesome 3D Jelly Cakes are mouthwateringly delicious!

Now YOU can make 3D Jelly Cakes like these right in your own home. These high quality 3D Jelly Cake Tools give you all the professional advantages you need to be a 3D Jelly Cake master.

Surprised? Many people tell us these cakes look like they were crafted by famous pastry chefs in New York, London, Paris, or Hong Kong. They can't believe it when they're told remarkable 3D Jelly Cakes can be made by complete beginners. Yes, ANYONE can make an eye-popping absolutely delicious 3D Jelly Cake when they own these favorite best-selling 3D Jelly Cake Tools. 

These 3D tools Let YOU Make Perfect 3D Jelly Cakes Everyone Loves and Talks About "Wow"

What's in this tool collection?

In all we have 9 sets of custom Jelly Cake Tools.

- EACH SET contains 10 tools perfect for making a fancy 3D Jelly Cake.

- These are 10 needles of every size and shape.

- You now how all the different tools needed to make ornate, detailed, highly colorful 3D Jelly Cakes.

Perfect for ANY Occasion

It's your special loved one's birthday and you want to make them a truly extraordinary cake. Why YES - a 3D Jelly Cake would be perfect!

Your special person is amazed and oh-so-impressed when you set your spectacular 3D Jelly Cake in front of them. You get a hug, a kiss, and a very heartfelt "THANK YOU!" And you know deep in your heart this is a gift that will never be forgotten.

Everyone at the party raves about your cake. They've never seen a 3D Jelly Cake like yours before. It's creative, it's detailed, it's ornate, and it's YUMMY!

Yes, most decorative treats look good but don't taste all that great. Ever cut off a piece of fancy wedding cake only to find it tastes like plaster?

3D Jelly Cakes always taste delicious. That's because they're made from mixing Konnyaku jelly powder with natural ingredients like milk, fruit juice and fresh fruit.

And that brings us to a very important point. 3DJelly Cakes are natural and very good nutrition. You get essential fruits, juices, and dairy products all mixed in your homemade 3D Jelly Cake. There is less sugar, sodium, and preservatives. This is the perfect treat for anyone who wants to be healthy, enjoy better wellness, or lose weight.

No need to eat the whole cake in a single sitting. 3D Jelly Cakes stay cool in the refrigerator for almost a week.

Here you will find videos that teach you every aspect of creating a wonderful cake with our tools. Please keep in mind your very first Jelly Cake may not look quite as good as the expert cakes we have displayed. But in a surprisingly short amount of time you will be making cakes far fancier than you ever imagined you could.

Here you learn:

*** Step 1: How to make the clear jelly.

*** Step 2: How to make the milk jelly for creating flowers.

*** Step 3: How to inject the beautiful flowers.

*** Step 4: How to combine all layers for an amazing 3D effect.

Let's get YOU started. ORDER your first set of tools. We will rush them to you so you can create your first cakes.

Don't put this off! Everybody at your house is hungry.

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